If you have long hair, it requires a lot of maintenance. In this busy lifestyle, people hardly have any time to maintain their hair on a regular basis. Many of the women braid their hair to save themselves from the hassle of combing daily and using harsh chemicals. What so ever is the reason, taking good care of your braids helps in keeping your hair healthy and gives a neat look to the braids.

Some useful tips

  • Hairline – If you have soft hair along the hairline you should avoid braiding them. Normally, such hair is fragile and if pulled tightly while braiding their follicles can be damaged. You can try applying hair gel to get a neat look. Braiding tightly along such a hairline also can result in tiny bumps along the hairline. When your hair is braided make it a habit to apply oil or Unrefined Shea Butter twice a week at least. This helps to keep your scalp moisturized and prevents any kind of flaking or itching.
  • Wash it – Washing the hair is a must irrespective of whether it is braided or not. In case it is braided get a wash in every two weeks. When your hair is braided, clean them gently. Take some shampoo on your palm and form lather then apply it on your scalp. Then rub the same underneath the braid slowly with your finger. Then you may apply conditioner on the hair. The excess water in the braids can be squeezed with the help of a soft towel. Be careful not to rub the braids.
  • Spritz – Sometimes due to this artificial styling of the hair your scalp may itch. In such a case you should use a spray that is specifically made for the braids. This not only gives you relief but also gives your braids that extra shine.
  • Bedtime – Always try and cover your braids with a satin or silk scarf. Also, try to use a silky pillowcase. This helps you to retain the oil in your hair and keep it healthy and protected.
  • Duration – There are some people who keep the braids on for even three months. Braids are known to make life easy and thus people try to leave them on for long. But this can lead to hair loc. The maximum duration for which you can keep your braids is eight weeks.

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Some of the modern braids

When you browse through the article 50 Natural Goddess Braids to Bless Ethnic Hair @ The Cuddl, you will come across some of the latest braids that are popular amongst the blacks nowadays. Some of them are sporty twists for the active days, easy braided low bun for the occasions, twin braids highlighting your symmetry, alternating the big braids for those cool cornrows, simple twisted braids for the modest look and a lot more to follow the list.