A necklace, or a chain with a good pendant, is one of the pieces of jewellery that stand out in your outfit.

It exerts an unavoidable attraction in anyone’s eyes, and this is usually good. But it can also be bad, if you chose the wrong collar for your outfit … or the wrong attire for your collar.

In this article I leave you some tips for Name Necklace that I hope you will find useful. But first, a first warning:

Your necklace is not only a jewel: it is a tool

The golden rule that will help you choose your necklace is to take it, first of all, as a tool. Since the Name Necklace or pendant will attract all eyes, you can use it to direct those glances wherever you want, and away from where you want to move them away. And by adapting your style to your body, you will be able to balance your image.

Necklaces and pendants depending on the physical

Do you know that black is thinning and white is getting fatter? Or what about using vertical stripes for thicker people, because the horizontal ones make you look plump? Well, something similar happens with the necklaces. According to their shape or style, they will contribute to highlighting your most favourable features, and mitigate those that are less … or the other way around.

  • According to your neck: Women with long collars can use perfectly short necklaces or chokers. These “cut” with elegance bringing harmony and balance to your figure. A long necklace to which you can give several turns also feels great to a slender neck.
  • Women with a shorter neck, on the other hand, do not feel too good about a choker or short pendant. When splitting it in half, it makes it visually even shorter, so what this physiognomy asks for is a long necklace. Combined with a good neckline will help to extend the neck to the eyes of others, by moving the point of view more towards the chest.
  • According to your bust: Women with a lot of chest can use their collars to look away from them, using chokers or short pieces that divert attention. Avoid larger and longer, and especially Y-shaped pendants, which enhance the neckline.

Conversely, women with little chest who want to enhance it, will get it with a long necklace, or a pendant at neck height.

  • According to your height: It is not that tall women should necessarily use short necklaces. But low women should avoid long necklaces, as these will accentuate short stature.