Purchasing a nose ring involves making lots of decisions. Just like for medusa piercing, there are factors to consider when choosing the piece of jewelry such as the kind of piercing you choose and the kind of jewelry to use.

Below are the different kinds of piercing to choose from and the ideal kind of jewelry for them:

Nostril Piercing

A nostril piercing is a famous form of nose piercing. You can pick either the right or left nostril based on your preference. With a nostril piercing, you can choose a nose ring or stud placed just above or at the groove of the curve of the nostril.

High Nostril

In this piercing, the nostril is pierced at the highest point before your nose bridge starts.  The high nostril is a hard-to-reach area so it can get complicated to pierce this spot. Thus, you need to pick a skillful piercer to do the job. Jewelry pieces such as L-shaped, nose pins, nostril screws, and studs work best for this nose piercing.

Bridge Piercing

This form of nose piercing is carried out horizontally across your nose bridge. It is also called surface piercing. This means the bone or cartilage of your nose is not punctured. But, because it is a surface piercing, there is a higher chance of the body rejecting the jewelry. For this nose piercing, curved and circular barbells are ideal.

Nasallang Piercing

This form of nose piercing is the most involved. It may seem like a couple of simple nostril studs; however, it is more complicated than this. Often, this piercing is performed with one sterilized needle in one go, passing through the nose’s width. This requires symmetry and perfect to achieve its best look.


A skilled piercing must perform this form of piercing because it is more complicated than a nostril piercing.  Often, the piercer will pick the area where cartilage is not present. For this piercing, circular barbells, a simple septum ring, and captive bead rings work. It is common for people to choose the circular barbell for this form of piercing. In case you have a barbell septum, it can be flipped easily upward to be hidden.

Austin Bar

The concept of this piercing is similar to nasallang piercing But, this does not pass through the septum. Rather, the nasal tip pierces the nose’s fleshy point in a horizontal way. Usually, a straight bell is used for this form of piercing.