It is usually told that a person should wear their best clothes to the Sunday services, going to the extent of calling them Sunday clothes. But a woman’s best clothes might not be entirely appropriate for the church.

Read on to know what is precisely meant by respectful, holy, and modest church etiquette for women and how they can stay fashionable at the same time.

·       Modest and Conservative Outfit

A church is a social gathering attended by family members of different ages. Thus, the outfit should be modest and conservative. It is best to avoid backless dresses, spaghetti straps, tank tops or anything that exposes the midriff.

·        Nothing goes above the Knee.

Although the dress does not have to be down to the ankle like in the past, church clothes these days must be long enough to cover the knees. Therefore, shorts and short skirts are considered inappropriate and not allowed.

·         Avoid Transparent Clothes

Women should avoid wearing lace tops and off-shoulder tops to the church. Clothes with any type or amount of transparency are considered highly inappropriate. Thus, it is advised to wear darker clothes that are not see through.

·         Black Pants can replace Dresses.

Women who are uncomfortable wearing dresses can opt for a pair of dark pants. Pairing the pants with a dark top and blazer makes the outfit stylish but keeps it conservative. While black pants are okay, stretch pants, leggings or jeans fall the inappropriate category of church clothing.

·         About the Footwear

Everything that falls between casual or too fancy is okay for Sunday morning services at the church. Pumps go well with pencil skirts or pants and heels compliment church dresses with designs and frills like Tally Taylor Church Suits. Sneakers are too casual and high stilettos too fancy for a Church service.

·         Other Specifications

Different churches following certain faiths have specific traditions regarding clothing. Some churches may insist on women wearing hats while others may not. Thus, it is essential to check a church’s website and find out the appropriate recommended attire.

The above points focus on dressing appropriately and modestly to the church. But being modest does not mean women’s outfit cannot be fashionable. After all, a woman should wear not only what is appropriate for the church but something that she feels comfortable and confident in.

Women should pick the material that feels best for them. It can be either silk, wool or cotton. Some women prefer loose clothing while other prefer fitted suits like Tally Taylor Church Suits.

Comfortable church clothes can be bought from any mall or clothing store or easily from an online website too. Women should carefully pick the colors of the clothes and their accompanying accessories like hats and bags for the most appropriately fashionable church wear.